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We Provides complete range of various sperm processing and wash media in sealed ampoules for semen testing and preservation. These are exclusively used by doctors and embryologists only.( These products are for research purpose only).

Single layer density gradient (2ml)

It is a highly efficient, fast & cost effective method of processing semen samples which effectively remove all contaminants like debris, Pus cells and concentrates motile sperms yielding a sample which is almost free from dead and abnormal sperms. This method is useful for normal and Oligospermic semen samples.

Double layer density gradient (1 ml) 45% and 90%

Effectively removes contaminants like debris, Pus cells, dead & abnormal sperms. The procedure is very effective for high count, agglutinated and highly viscous samples ( eg. High count & low motility ) to make them suitable for IUI/IVF and ICSI.

HTF-10 (Human Tubal Fluid) solutions (5ml)

This is a wash solution used for washing of sperms.
It contains many salts like Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Anhydrous potassium Phophate, Sodium bicarbonate, HEPES, Glucose, Sodium Pyruvate, Sodium Lactate, Alanyl-glutamine, Taurine ,EDTA, Gentamycin , Human Serum and Phenol red etc.

It is tested using one-cell mouse embryo bioassay and endotoxin assays to ensure quality and safety.

Taurine and EDTA are added as they are beneficial components for sperm quality. Taurine has a role in sperm capacitation and has demonstrated a protective effect against peroxidative damage and reactive oxygen species. EDTA enhances sperm cell motility. Addition of antioxidants help to reduce the build-up of DNA damage due to ROS . HOW EVER THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RESEARCH PURPOSE ONLY and to be used by Qualified & experienced doctors.

HAMF-10 solution (5ml)

This is also a wash solution used for washing of sperms. Contains HEPES buffer suitable for high counts and Motility. Most of the constituents are same as that of HTF 10 with minor changes.

The above solutions are prepared, blended and packed under strict quality control & contamination free conditions in accordance with the international standards. Tested for Endotoxins, sterility and pH value. HOW EVER THESE PRODUCTS ARE FOR RESEARCH PURPOSE ONLY and to be used by Qualified & experienced doctors.

Supply of ready for use IUI disposables

Fully sterlised Centrifuse test tubes, IUI Catheters, pasture pipettes, semen collection containers etc are supplied ex. Stock.